Growth in the technology sector has led to higher demand and increased expectations within the Information Technology (IT) workforce.

TalTeam strives to exceed expectations through strategic workforce planning and dynamic staffing processes. We leverage expertise across Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Big Data, Enterprise Applications and Architecture and Digital solutions to maximize the value of your enterprise software investments.

We strengthen our clients’ IT workforce by:

  • Delivering high-value and cost effective business solutions
  • Incorporating vision, experience, methodology and teamwork
  • Providing the most innovative resources and industry best practices available
  • Quickly responding to requirements (within 48 hours)
  • Selecting the right match for your requirements from our network of over 50,000 consultants
  • Integrating a fast and flexible recruitment process
  • On-boarding consultants in an efficient and productive manner
  • Providing precise roadmaps for business process improvement, software optimization and infrastructure upgrades
  • Building highly skilled project teams within short notice
  • Ensuring delivery on time, on cost and through our experienced architects and senior project managers

Our Consultants

Our Consultants

TalTeam’s backbone is built on the industry expertise and potential of our consultants. Each and every independent consultant is selected for their leadership qualities. They exemplify our values and standards of work.

At TalTeam we launch every project with the same approach.

Staying Focused

Every person and business is distinct. We analyze your situation to better understand your personal and professional goals. Then we develop a plan to reach measured objectives. Our success is guided in one simple way — customer satisfaction. Our customer-centric focus has resulted in exceptional retention rates as well as world-class client satisfaction levels.

Growing Mutually

Our professional consultants are the best in the industry with in-demand technical skills which demonstrate a sound understanding of business operations. Our commitment to education translates to consultants who approach assignments with high ROI as the objective.

Promoting Independence

We offer unbiased opinions by explaining which solution is best for your organization through an in-depth analysis of environment and specifications. We share our knowledge of best practices, technologies, tools and methods.

Building Trust

We build the base of our relationships on open communication. By striving for a mutual and accurate understanding of goals, capabilities and expectations, we achieve a high level of trust and satisfaction with our clients and consultants.

Being Flexible

We have the infrastructure and capability to deliver services wherever, whenever and however you need them. Combining our extensive resources and domain expertise, we minimize risk and maximize performance. We use well-known procedures and best industry practices to customize a solution to your requirements and business culture.

Our strategic analysis of your IT workforce gives you a competitive advantage in the technology sector .